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Raja Ampat Home Stay
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  • Acropora Cottage

    starred 871 x
    Jl Badar Dimara, Waisai Raja Ampat Islands Acropora Cottage (08124885277 atau 085237873422)...
  • Dore Atri Homestay

    starred 1,354 x
    Gam - Eastern Gam With a true homestay room and a private beachside bungalow, Dore Atri combines the best of both worlds and offers in-depth cultural immersion...
  • Famangkor Homestay

    starred 1,521 x
    Friwen Fantastic views of the sunset-lit Friwenbonda Wall across the strait, with excellent snorkelling and the feeling of your own private island...
  • Ibu Maria’s Homestay

    starred 1,416 x
    Gam - Southern Gam Ibu Maria’s: Well appointed ocean bungalows with panoramic views over a bay full of sealife and a large speedboat for Wayag and other tours...
  • Indip, Manta, Mambarayup, Lalosi - Homestay - Arborek Island

    starred 2,303 x
    A shady private setting next to the cultural tourism village of Arborek, offers great snorkeling and easy access to popular Manta ray sites...
  • Keruirim Homestay

    starred 785 x
    Gam - Southern Gam Relax in Keruirim’s shady environs, snorkel one of Raja Ampat’s best beaches and explore the wildlife rich mangroves of the Dore Dor lagoon...
  • King Dolphin Cottage

    starred 782 x
    King Dolphin Cottages – WTC Beach of Waisai – Waigeo Island – Raja Ampat Papua If you have the opportunity to visit Raja Ampat, you do not have to worry about seeking lodge...
  • Koranu Fyak Bungalows

    starred 1,232 x
    Kri - North coast With an on-site dive centre offering PADI certification courses and a rich house reef, Koranu Fyak is a popular homestay with a lively social scene...
  • Korbekwan Homestay

    starred 1,550 x
    Gam - Western Gam Korbekwan is the ultimate naturalist’s getaway...
  • Kordiris Homestay

    starred 1,522 x
      Gam - Southern Gam With an on site dive centre, a sensational beach and beautiful garden surrounds, it’s no wonder Kordiris is a favourite of island travellers...
  • Koryau Kayem Homestay

    starred 1,378 x
    Koryau Kayem Homestay Mansuar - North coast http://www...
  • Kri Eco Resort

    starred 1,453 x
  • Lumba Lumba Homestay - Kri Island

    starred 905 x
    Kri - South coast With an onsite dive centre, great house reef and ocean bungalow views, a meeting with the dolphins Lumba Lumba is named for is guaranteed...
  • Mambefor Homestay

    starred 1,547 x
      Gam - Southern Gam The only homestay with lounge room furniture, Mambefor has a coral reef dropoff at its door and Red Birds of Paradise in the jungle behind...
  • Mambetron Homestay

    starred 1,444 x
    Kri - North coast Panoramic ocean views from large private bungalows, a great beach and Kri’s famous reefs at your doorstep – what more could you want? http://www...
  • Mambrasar Guesthouse

    starred 1,155 x
      Kri - North coast Sunset views from private bungalows, the marine wonderland of Pulau Kri’s north shore and one of Raja Ampat’s most experienced guides await...
  • Mangkur Kodon

    starred 801 x
    Mangkur Kodon Homestay Kri - West end Commanding the bay at Kri’s western end, Mangkur Kodon has an onsite dive centre, bungalows for big groups and a private honeymooner’s over-water hideaway...
  • Meot Trairam Homestay

    starred 1,080 x
      Gam - Southern Gam A small homestay on a big beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling...
  • Methos Homestay

    starred 1,783 x
     Pulau Gam full board per person €25 Between the mangroves, Methos owns a strip of beach, on which three bungalows are located...
  • Misool Eco Resort - Batbitim Island

    starred 1,786 x
    Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive dive resort and conservation centre located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia...
  • Monkairi Homestay

    starred 1,088 x
    Gam - Eastern Gam On the fabulous calm, white sand beach of Yenanas and perfect for family holidays...
  • Nudibranch Homestay

    starred 1,423 x
    Gam - Southern Gam Vibrant coral reef, blue water mangroves and a spectacular array of nudibranch species make Nudibranch Homestay a macro photographer’s dream...
  • Nyandetor Homestay

    starred 1,516 x
    Friwen A private bungalow on a beautiful secluded beach...
  • Nyanse Homestay

    starred 934 x
    Gam - Southern Gam Nyanse Homestay’s over water bungalow provides panoramic ocean views and easy access to the many attractions of Sawinggrai and Kapisawar...
  • Piaynemo Homestay - Groot Fam Island

    starred 1,404 x
    Piaynemo’s unique location between a wide sandy bay and a mangrove fringed lagoon gives easy access to Penemu’s superb Wayag-like seascapes...
  • Raja Ampat Dive Resort - Mansuar Island

    starred 1,943 x
    Mobile: Mr. Agus Susanto, Mobile: +62 (0)81248442284 Email: Info(At)Rajaampatdiveresort(Dot)Com Or ASusanto23@Yahoo...
  • Rukem Weser Homestay

    starred 1,564 x
    Batanta - Birie Island A private over-water bungalow in a remote pristine location, Rukem Weser is for nature lovers, with rich birdlife and dugongs living nearby...
  • Tapor Aikos Homestay

    starred 841 x
    Gam - Southern Gam Relax in a private bungalow amid a profusion of native orchids and take in the spectacular ocean views from the Tapor Aikos headland...
  • Waiwo Dive Resort

    starred 692 x
    Waigeo +62 853-4451-5123 http://waiwodiverajaampat...
  • Warikaf Homestay

    starred 1,263 x
    Gam - Northern Gam - Kabui Bay Hideaways don’t get much better...
  • Warimpurem Homestay

    starred 1,238 x
    Waigeo - Near Waisai A coastline full of freshwater springs and laughing children, Wilson’s Birds of Paradise nearby and some of the best cooking in the islands...
  • Yenaduak Family Homestay

    starred 1,551 x
    Batanta - Birie Island A spacious bungalow on a shady beach that has coral all the way to the low water mark...
  • Yenanas Paradise Homestay

    starred 1,246 x
    Gam - Eastern Gam A beach lover’s paradise indeed, Yenanas is a small homestay with good snorkeling, a host of jungle wildlife and Red Birds of Paradise to see...
  • Yengkawe Homestay

    starred 1,645 x
    Waigeo Resort-style services! Yengkawe offers diving, an a la carte menu and massage and reflexology in a lush setting in a quiet secluded bay...
  • Yenkangkanes Homestay

    starred 1,098 x
    Waigeo - Near Waisai Dolphins at the front door and both Wilson’s and Red Birds of Paradise out the back, Yenkangkanes’ over-water bungalow is pure Raja Ampat...
  • Yenkansinaf Homestay

    starred 832 x
      Kri - West end The rich Kri north shore reefs and Ransiwor sandbanks are right at the door, with wide ranging tours available for snorkellers and birders...
  • Yenkoranu Homestay

    starred 1,448 x
    Kri - North coast Private VIP bungalows with ensuite bathrooms, an onsite dive centre and a fabulous house reef make booking in advance essential at Yenkoranu.