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Yiwu International Trade City - District 3

Pens, paper articles, sunglasses, stationary, sports products, cosmetics & accessories, buttons & zippers, buckles and clothing accessories, combs and mirrors are all inside district 3.


District 3 is also a 5-store-building of 460,000 m2, has 7000+ shop fronts.

Same story, this district also has banks, vending machines, Chinese fast food restaurants, no good western restaurants. But there are peddlers selling fresh fruits (water melon sliced chunks with toothpicks) and BBQ lams occasionally, esp. in the afternoon when market closes.

Morgan International Hotel (called four stars) is located right beside this district. But make sure to check reviews before booking because this hotel is quite new. There are many small hotels (pretty clean) right against this district, on the other side of street.

Different industries are put into different floors:

1st floor and 2nd floor are for glasses, pens, office articles, sports products, paper products.

3rd floor and 4th floor are for cosmetics & cosmetics accessories, buttons, zippers, and other fashion accessories.