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Rio Sucuri - Bonito - Brazil

The Rio Sucuri is located at São Geraldo farm and is 18 km far from the downtown of Bonito, in the region of Serra da Bodoquena. The transparency of its water allows to observe a great diversity of aquatic fauna and flora, such thing has been attracted visitor from all around the world.

The visitor are welcome by the guide that will help them through the development of the activity. They’ll receive information about the snorkeling and equipment. They’ll also be introduced to the infra estructure of the farm, where they can enjoy the shop, bar, restaurant, natural pool, locker rooms etc.

In the Schedule time starts the try out of the outfit that they’ll wear at the activity and a training with the equipment so the visitor’ll get used to. After the training, the visitors are taken by a car (04x04) to the beginning of the trail, where its starts a pleaseant walk through the native forest. This stretch takes approximately 30 minutes and includes a visit to the spring of Rio Sucuri. At the end of the trails, starts the moment to get inside the water to snorkel down the river for almost 50 minutes, which means 1.900 meters observing native fishes like Piraputanga, Piaus, Dourados among others. To the safety and tranquility of the visitor there’s a support boat following the group and 02 decks and emergencies exits. The car will be waiting at the end of the activity to take back the group to the farm.

Besides snorkeling, the visitor is allowed to know other parts of São Geraldo’s farm, like waterfalls of Rio Formoso, a bike ride or horseback riding. It is important book this activities previously, assuring their availability.

Important info:

  • During the activity there’s a support boat to help the group.
  • Includes the equipment used in the acitivity.
  • Tourist guide also included.
  • Children under 05 years old are allowed to go with their parents or responsable in the support boat.
  • Children under 05 years old are free.
  • It is not allowed snorkel with sunblock, tanning lotion or any kind of moisturizing.